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February 8th, 2012

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12:48 pm - Adventures in Lifestyle Design, Part 1
It's official - I am now free of the clutches of TSA. The main goal now is to figure out how life should look for me now. This is important because if I don't plan out my goals and desired endgame, I'll probably just fall into something that I'm not particularly crazy about just to pay the bills - the end result (i.e. letting life go on autopilot) will probably not make me happier than I was at TSA - and that's the whole reason why I got out of TSA, right?

Some questions for me to ponder over the next month or so (i.e. when I'm in Asia starting next week):
  • Do I work for myself or for someone else? I think either route has its advantages.  The difference is what I focus on over these next few months. Do I work on my resume, interview strategies, and job skills? Or do I focus on figuring out my marketable skills and start getting myself out there?
  • What am I passionate about? Ideally, I need to work in something that I actually care about - it'll be better for me and for my impact on society in the long run.
  • What skills do I have that others don't? I shouldn't make the job hunt hard on myself - I have to figure out what I'm already good at that people will pay for.
  • What are my priorities in life? How can I make a life that supports my priorities? I think my main complaint against TSA is that it didn't represent me or my priorities very well - it was shitty work at shitty times of the day for pretty okay pay.  The work-life balance was never very good, and I need to address that before I jump into anything new.
Although this obviously won't happen when I go to Hong Kong/Thailand/Vietnam next week, I eventually will carve out 8+ hours a day to work on myself.  I'll need to split my time between:
  • Finishing my degree. Specifically, researching for and working on my thesis.  I'm so close to getting my Master's - I just need to get my ass in gear.
  • Self improvement.  I need to work on my job skills and on my soft skills.  I have been seriously considering learning SQL (a database/programming language) to complement my statistics skills so that I could potentially freelance as a statistician in the future.  I've been devouring blogs and articles on how to sustainably live a more authentic, unconventional lifestyle. Stuff like that.
  • Finding a new job, whether this means job searching and sending out my resume, or working on implementing business ideas.
  • Making money.  At some point, I'll be getting all the clutter out of my life and eBaying/craigslisting/yard selling all the stuff I have that I don't use/need/want.  I'm not beyond doing some side jobs either.
Beyond that, I have to get my life back in order.  This includes:
  • Cleaning the post-hurricane-esque horror that is my house.  It's amazing how messy a two year old can make things.  My own neglect doesn't help.
  • Attempting to be a better dad. Mira watches a shit-ton of TV right now.
  • Reconnecting with hobbies.  I have a bass part to record for a friend, for example.
  • Fixing my bike and riding it more. Also, driving less and phasing out my gym membership.
  • Connecting better with friends and family.  My natural tendency is to be a hermit and shut myself in - this is probably not a good thing, especially now that I'm not going to be around a couple dozen coworkers on a daily basis anymore.
This is all really tiring to even think about.   Yet, when I look at my blog entries for the past 3+ years, it's pretty clear that I have always been wanting to be in almost exactly the same position that I'm finding myself in now.  So - let's do this.

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