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May 31st, 2010

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10:19 pm - RIP Suthin Pranprom (1953-2010)
My uncle died of liver cancer this morning around 4 AM. He actually found out that he had cancer only about 2 or 3 months ago, though it had been affecting him for a little less than a year. He probably didn't remember much about his last week - he was in and out of the emergency room and, for the last few days, had hospice people give him regular doses of morphine to ease his final days. At the very least, he died peacefully in his sleep.

He came to the States something like 7 years ago looking for a better life. He worked for 2 years in Portland before his paperwork for a Green Card finally came through so he could send for his family. He went through the trouble of getting American citizenship last year, on the cusp of chieving the American dream. He's basically the reason that I started thinking about getting into immigration law. And the reason that I want health care reform to succeed - he put off seeing a doctor for months because he had no insurance and racked up easily 6 figures in hospital bills these past few months. Medications alone would have cost a few thousand a month - which was mercifully donated to him by some drug company.

I'm still trying to figure out something that I can do for him. My mom and aunts aren't really planning much more than a wake for him. I was thinking of getting a memorial service going, or maybe at least writing out an obituary. In any case, he's getting cremated on Wednesday or so. A friend of his came over from Thailand to bring him back there basically to die and have a proper funeral. Instead he's going to bring his ashes back to Grandma.

Two funerals in the course of a week. Dammit. I figure it's the circle of life going on - when one person comes into the world, another leaves. Mira replaced her great grandmother and granduncle, apparently.

It's official - Memorial Day has been ruined for me.
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